I am a new Dad, aware that there needs to be adjustments in my life to fulfill this multi-facted role. Until this moment I have spent most of my life selfishly exploring and pushing my own boundaries, taking risks and making mistakes. Luckily, along this journey I have accrued a group friends who have either become parents themselves or fufilled mentor roles that have developed the best Dad Skills.

I was born in a working class town in the North East of England. I left school at 16 years old to pursue a career as a professional sportsmen and like so many kids, this was filled with set-backs and challenges. In my early 20’s, once my professional sports pathway had been exhausted, I joined the military as a Physical Training Instructor, relocated over to New Zealand, before specialising in Suvival Training and now,  I work within the corporate sector. This journey allowed me to meet people in diferent roles and cultures, and importantly showcased the need to continually learn and educate myself.

So, after reading some books such as; Rich Dad-Poor Dad, Bounce, The Growth Mindset and with a little help from my friends, I am ready to attack the most important role of my life and look to learn new Dad Skills along the way.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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