The Podcast Journey

The intention of the Functional Dad was to create a learning environment, firstly to nurture curiosity and a sense of adventure in the little one and secondly, to grow and develop as a new parent. The first challenges were themed around sustainability and learning about ethical choices; this included learning how to knit and to make homemade products such as soaps.

Other challenges had physical themes like the hand stand challenge, which is still ongoing due to some injury set-backs.

Giving podcasting a nudge with the bare essentials.

One of the most interesting challenges was setting up a podcast station. If I’m honest, I genuinely felt podcasting would be fairly straight forward given that I love a chat – buy some basic equipment and set up some interviews seemed easy enough, right? After hearing my first few attempts it was clear I’d need some work on a couple of areas: sound quality and interview techniques.

The Sound Quality

“What is that echo?”

“What is that humming?”

“Why does it sound like you are underwater?”

This line of questioning was a recurring trend to the interview feedback.

So, let’s unpack this.
I suppose like most hobbies the cost and standard of equipment can escalate quickly. I was recording my interviews on location which didn’t lend itself to award winning studio standards and in addition, I only had one microphone. Compliment this with my limited understanding of acoustic performance and editing prowess, it was safe to say I was up against it. These were attributing factors to interviews with awesome people that were unfortunately discarded (they may be salvaged at a later stage by an editing pro.) It’s a real shame but the poor quality interfered with good content.


Interview Techniques
Preparation! I think you could tell when I wasn’t fully prepared to bridge the discussion and pitch clear questions. This was obvious in one interview where the guest had to ask a couple of times what the general theme of my question was. Although I thought I could be authentic and promote a natural conversation, the inability to create a fluid discussion allowed the conversion to digress into irrelevancies and unnerve me a little that prevented my true personality shining through.

So, want I learned…
Lean on experts. I joined the podcast group on Facebook who were incredibly supportive and offered great advice. I also approached the local Rock Shop to learn more about sound quality and tips to maximise the basic equipment I have. Finally, relax and enjoy it. I got to meet some incredible people with great stories and journeys and like I mentioned, the podcast community Facebook group were incredibly passionate and supportive. A great comment from a ‘fellow podcaster’:

“Go for it and do the best you can with what you’ve got”

It’s been a little journey but I’m excited to launch my first podcast episode where I interview Dr Darryl Bonetti. Darryl is a physiologist and works within the high performance environment. He has worked with high performance athletes completing at the National level and the Royal New Zealand Air Force working with their aircrew to refine the various human factors that prevent them working at their optimum level. Darryl is immersed in his craft which means he continually reviews the science and evidence around human performance. These studies extend into his personal life where he practices what preaches to ensure he is offering the best service that is accurate, current and relevant.

The main theme of the interview was to discuss his studies into our sleeping habits and the damaging effects of our modern lives on our long term health. Which seems pretty topical for me considering we, as new parents were working hard to establish good sleeping habits for the family.


I hope you enjoy the podcast, it’s worth mentioning that the interview location wasn’t conducive to audio quality which has affected the sound quality of the interview.

For what it’s worth, I would like to apologise to those who took time to chat with me but will unlikely feature on the series due to the poor sound quality. Hopefully we can revisit the interview at a later stage.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the next podcast and blog, hopefully it will coincide with my next challenge – a side hustle.

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