Busy being a good Dad?

Having been away from social media and any form of cyber interaction for a while, I was considering what my first blog edition back could be.

Before my break I was feeling overloaded and had an endless amount of things ‘to do’. So after taking on board some advice from close friends and reviewing some of my previous blogs,  I decided to step back from social media and any Functional Dad work to consider where my focus and attention was required.

At the time, the little one wasn’t sleeping consistently and it was starting to consume us.  In addition, work was going through a particular high tempo period. It was clear my focus had to be concentrated on my ‘important few’ and be busy being a good Dad. So I therefore, put a pin on the Functional Dad, with the intention to return fresher and more invested than before.

Were there any benefits? You bet…..

We, as a family were able to enjoy so many ‘first’ and key milestones without distractions,


Starting to crawl, stand, climb and clap
An early visit from the tooth fairy after the little one took a tumble and knocked his first tooth out!
Prepped for his first overseas holiday
May have overlooked the extra components of travelling with an infant!
The little traveler

These experiences were made so much more enjoyable because we were all getting our lives back. This may seem dramatic but as I mentioned, the little one wasn’t sleeping much and it was starting to affect us.  The days were starting to feel like a grind. Luckily, we invested in a baby sleep consultant (www.babysleepconsultant.co.nz) who provided a comprehensive sleep routine, complete with advice and guidance to ensure the little one got into a solid sleep pattern. Thankfully, the results were instant and we’ll be forever grateful for the decision to get help.

Also, the time out has given me an opportunity to review the direction of the Functional Dad. So watch this space for some exciting projects on the horizon….

 Busy being a good Dad? !

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