Being Grateful

There have been a few tasty curve balls thrown at the family during the last few weeks; work, family health set-backs and unexpected property maintenance issues. This is in addition to the normal daily expectations. Although this has been a challenging period, I feel there still needs to be perspective in light of recent tragic events in Florida. This tragedy has convinced me to adjust this blog edition, and to review the past few weeks and actually reflect on the moments that I’m grateful for.

So here goes:

I’m grateful for the chance to be Daddy Day Care and share some special moments with my little one.


I’m grateful that our society has progressed to support families by offering flexible working practices.

I’m grateful to be in the position to help my in-laws through a challenging patch.


I’m grateful for the great experience I had completing Team Adventure Coastal Challenge with my friends.


I’m grateful that the best gourmet pasty chef works within walking distance of my house @theKitchendoor.


I’m grateful for my wife, who is always optimistic and content regardless of the situation.

Also, what have I learnt?

Daddy Day Care is the best role ever! Although, there’s value in having contingencies. I may have to adjust my pre-baby ‘it’ll be right’ approach as this has back fired a couple of times.

I’ve also learnt that once you get the hang of it, knitting is pretty addictive and a great conversation starter.


Watch this space for my ‘how to knit for beginners’ video and for the Knitting Movement wrap up.

Finally, I listened to Lewis Howes’ interpretation of how we measure masculinity. Ideally, I would have liked to have discussed this further and consider how his 9 Masks of Masculinity theory relates to my experiences of being a professional sportsman. We’ll explore this further at a later stage but in the interim, I’ve attached a link to his take on measuring masculinity and will let you consider how you measure it.

So, what’s the next Dad Skill on the agenda?

My attention will be turning to my next challenge and……podcasting could be it!

Fulfilment comes from gratitude.
Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.  Lewis Howes.

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