Make it, Fix it, Re-use it, Re-cycle it.

It was an interesting experience leading up to the birth of our little one. We received loads of advice preparing us for the changes and sacrifices we would need to make. In particular, this advice focussed on the habits we had adopted as DINKS (double income no kids), which was epitomised by my favourite hipster habit – Sunday Brunch (avocado on toast, anyone?). “That’ll be the first to go” they said.


There have certainly been changes, but I consider them necessary adjustments and part of the journey to become an all round Functional Dad. These are the main ones I’ve noticed so far:

• TIME disappears. I hate to admit it, but they were right. I’ll glance up at the clock and it’s 10pm and I am constantly wondering where time has gone. But I have noticed there are still windows of opportunity to get stuff done. It’s here that lies the dilemma. What do you do in these moments; make dinner, clean, paperwork, sleep, train, eat? Especially when taking into account the day the Mama has had??


• Battling the urge to embrace CONVENIENCE. This particularly applies when it comes to accumulating waste through nappies, wipes, clothes, food and toys. It feels like a lot of effort and time to deal with reusable nappies and to make meals from scratch. We seem to use a lot more plastic and single-use products than before. Additionally, these products are often from areas that employ debatable ethical practices.

I acknowledge that as parents we are learning and compromises are a natural part of the journey, but it’s tough when trying to allow sustainable practices to guide your lifestyle. This seems even more relevant and important when I consider how our actions now shape what the world will look like for my little one.


So I’m setting myself a challenge: to explore realistic, ethical and sustainable practices. These may only be small adjustments but I’m confident they will contribute to the bigger picture. The philosophy will be either make it, fix it, re-use it or recycle it.

What’s first up?



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